Thursday, April 29, 2010


Rodney King... Latasha Harlins.. Reginald Denny... Damian "Football" Williams... Darryl Gates... Willie Williams... Stacey Koon... Laurence Powell... Timothy Wind... Theodore Briseno... Rolando Solano. If these names don't mean anything to you, you were probably born after 1994. Here's a couple of videos to commemorate one of the most influential moments in modern Black American history. I should have taken off work today for Rodney and Latasha!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Louis Bullock is NOT Impressed By Your Oscar

Sandra Bullock recently "adopted" this little fella- probably from the same Little Black Baby Emporium that all the other celebs use. Little Louis is apparently from New Orleans and from the looks of the ice-cold side-eye / UNF (Universal Nigga-please Face), is most definitely Bout it Bout it.Since Little Louis can only speak through his eyes, I'm gonna take a stab at reading his disgruntled little mind:

"this bitch... white lady, if you don't take this fuckin' necklace off me... and what a duurty gotta do to get some Gerber's Gumbo out chea?"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Artist Spotlight- CeddyBu the Rap Sumo

You might remember this masterpiece of caloric intake from a previous post back in February(> ) on Revenge. Well, he's back with his stacks (of tiddy meat) on deck, ready to be "wiped down". Now usually I would start clownin' somebody like CeddyBu and keep my foot on the gas until they were completely trashed. But, in this case, I must admit- ol' CeddyBu got some talent- and dare I say- some pretty good messages sprinkled in his music (once you get over the typical fake thug shit). Check out his MySpace ( ) and feast your ears on the Thriller-like compilation of music that is posted. Never before have 9 songs about fat phone sex, shakin' tiddy-meat in the club, and doin' dumb shit in Plaquemine, LA fit so seamlessly together. Quincy Jones, eat your heart out.

I guess I should feel bad about gettin' on CeddyBu about his weight. But ,anybody who does a show at the local White Castle (> )deserves some tough love. CeddyBu, handcuff yo ass to a treadmill soon, or the world will never know your greatness!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Damn Chris Rock

Someone please show me how to make this into a ringtone!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Roscoe Lee Browne Moment in Time

For no special reason- just saw this episode recently and thought it was classic. One of my favorite all-time shows, with a guest appearance from an AAR icon.

Racism Confirmation #1: White People Say The Darndest Things!

Ok, so I'm sitting at work bullshitting, wishing I was at home writing, when all of a sudden the following dialogue takes place between two of my white female colleagues.

Vapid Pinktoe #1: "Oh wow, Lil Wayne sentenced to 1 year in prison! OMG!". (Obviously referring to the rapper's recent legal troubles. My initial thought was "Bitch, you just NOW finding out about this?". But then I remembered that white people don't really check for "Black" news until it's on the front page of or People magazine. So, in my head, i let it slide.)

Vapid Pinktoe #2: "Did you hear what happened to D'Angelo?".

Vapid Pinktoe #1: "No, but i used to love that CD, Brown Sugar!"

Vapid Pinktoe #2: "Google 'D'Angelo Arrested' and you'll find out"

Vapid Pinktoe #1: "OMG- did he do an R. Kelly?"

Vapid Pinktoe #2: "More like a Tiger Woods!"

WTF!!!!!! Is that whats hot now? White people identifying crimes by black men's names?!!!!

You know I couldn't let that shit slide...

Me: "Nahh, it was more of a Hugh Grant kinda thing".

To which Vapid Pinktoe #2 responded: (evil look) "No, that's not the same".

I honestly don't even think they're aware of their racism. That's how bad its gotten.

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